Espiritu Santo Swim Week, May 30th to June 3rd, Espiritu Santo


santo swim week

The Espiritu Santo Swim Week is back in 2016! As well as the formal swim on Wednesday, June 1st, the week includes informal swims on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches as well as trekking through the Millennium Caves, visiting traditional villages, exploring the Blue Holes and more. Santo offers some of Vanuatu’s most amazing swim spots and it is an island rich in cultural history.

Participants in the Espiritu Santo Swim Week will discover the beauty of the land and ocean through a range of organized activities, including day excursions, an adventure day devoted to bush trekking, diving, snorkelling, and more. On Monday evening, May 30th, everyone will have the chance to enjoy a welcome dinner at Deco Stop Lodge.

The main event will take place on June 1st, with the 2.6km swim from Unity Park, in Luganville, across the channel to beautiful Aore Island followed by the presentation lunch at Aore Island resort. Everyone is welcome to take part and join in the fun!

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