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South Pacific Islands

Drive up the east coast of Espiritu Santo at a leisurely pace and after about 20 or 25 minutes you will find picturesque Peterson Bay, home of very popular Oyster Island and several other islands.

Nestled at the southern end of the bay is Malwepe Island, a jewel in the bay at just over four acres, with a white sandy beach that could be straight out of a travel brochure.

Malwepe Island SantoBeing the inner of two islands in the bay, Malwepe is well sheltered and there is safe anchorage just inside it. On the seaward side, coral reefs provide excellent snorkeling right on your doorstep. The island has light vegetation and of course coconut trees, with a clearing perfect for a house site already there. Easily accessible, it is 300 metres from the mainland and only 25 minutes to town.

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A little further is Malao Island, otherwise known as Turtle Island. There are very few surf breaks in Espiritu Santo, and there is a great one right here on the northwestern tip of the island. A popular spot to visit for a picnic and snorkeling, few have surfed it. Zane Winslade, who has surfed locations all over the world, was on the island recently and described it as “a fun right hand reef break that wraps around the island from the north, easy to access, just a short paddle from the island’s west facing beach.” At 5.6 acres there are many options with this truly beautiful island.

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Both islands are situated on the edge of some excellent fishing waters with game fishing within minutes in all directions. First National Santo has sold ten islands and is delighted to have these on offer. Being well positioned and priced, it is expected that these will sell quickly.

Malao is for sale for AUD260,000 and Malwepe for AUD310,000. Warren Moore/Christine Jasper, First National Santo, ph 77432832, email [email protected] or visit the website at