Out To lunch – With Vicki Joe


A blur of bright colours gets out of the car. It is Vicky Joe, woman of action and principal/partner

at Law Partners. Her colourful dress matches her lively and warm personality as we sit down to enjoy lunch at Au Fare.

She first came to Vanuatu in 1999, after a one-year trip around the world with her former husband. During this trip, she visited China for the first time, travelling to Hong Kong and Guangzhou where his father is originally from. They stayed in Vanuatu until 2002 when they returned to New Zealand. In 2006, after her divorce, she decided to return to Vanuatu, the country she now calls home.

smvicky1She is a principal/partner at Law Partners where she assists new investors to settle in the country. Law Partners is a firm of chartered accountants, auditors and business service providers. The firm employs over 20 staff fluent in English, French, Chinese and Bislama. Law Partners assist companies and individuals with formation and acquisition of companies, registered office and corporate secretarial services, and advice and assistance in obtaining VIPA certificates, business licenses, residency and work permits. The firm also provides accounting and payroll services, VAT returns, audit, body corporate administration, boat registration and more. Their clients range from large corporations to small owner-managed businesses and investors.

Her favourite spot in Vanuatu is her home, ‘the view from our house over Erakor Island and the bay is stunning’.


She is an early riser who loves to keep active. Up with the sunrise, she trains twice a week and takes her dogs for a walk the other three days. She has three dogs, Nico, Chillie and Scoobie.

Since she landed in Vanuatu in 2006, she has learned to dive, play tennis, play golf and is studying French, advanced.

What she loves the most about her job is working with people. ‘I love the fact that I can be of help to people who are choosing Vanuatu as the place where they would like to invest and live’.


She has a little tattoo of her name written in Chinese on her wrist. She decided to get the tattoo after a divorce as an expression of her own identity.

Her parents are Chinese but she does not speak the language. ‘I was raised in New Zealand. My parents wanted for us to integrate so they would speak to us always in English. For many years, we were the only Chinese family in Mt. Maunganui, the town where I am from’.

Her weekends are spent doing the things she loves, diving, playing golf, swimming and being social. She is a member of the Port Vila Golf and Country Club committee, a Kiwani member and one of the organisers of the annual Kiwanis’ Charity Golf day.


Her favourite trip in Vanuatu has been Tanna and the amazing Yasur Volcano.

In 2014, she made a challenge with her partner that if she got her handicap down to 30, he will quit smoking. She did and he quit. He is still not smoking.


Her guilty pleasures are French Fries and Champagne.

If she could not live in Vanuatu, she would live in another tropical island.