Poppy’s Famous Banana Pancakes


poppys-banana-pancakesNot just any pancakes, Joanne’s Banana Pancakes are frequently praised by travellers from all corners of the world and the television crew of Sunrise called them ‘the best pancakes they have ever eaten on their travels’. You can try them at Leaf Restaurant at Po­­ppy’s on the Lagoon Resort, Port Vila and also at Friendly Beach in Tanna. They are the creation of Joanne Wade, owner of Poppy’s and Friendly. “In my youth I was co-owner of Ellimatta Restaurant in central Victoria, Australia and the restaurant was recognised as one of the best country weekend retreats in NSW and Victoria at the time. The pancake recipe originates from those days! The recipe is so simple, I think the secret is in the making, ensuring the mixture is lightly handled then allowed to sit for a wee bit.”


2 cups self-raising flour

1 egg

1 cup of milk

3 medium sweet bananas

Pinch of salt


In a bowl put the flour, salt and egg followed by the milk. Gently mix the ingredients from the centre of bowl out until very smooth. The batter should have the consistency of running cream. Let the mix sit for 15 minutes to half an hour. Adjust milk if mixture has thickened too much. Slice the three sweet organic bananas from Vanuatu and gently incorporate into the mix.

Put a dash of coconut oil and knob of butter into a small round pan at medium heat. Use a ladle to spoon some of the pancake mixture into the pan and cook until bubbles form and start to pop, then turn. Serve with maple syrup and Vanuatu’s Switi vanilla ice-cream.

poppys-on-the-lagoon-vanuatuLeaf Restaurant

Located at Poppy’s on the Lagoon Resort, Port Vila, the menu of Leaf restaurant is centered on showcasing the finest produce Vanuatu has to offer, served simply and with Pacific hospitality and smiles. This means organic beef, fresh seafood and locally grown garden produce. Using fresh salad greens, sun and vine-ripened tomatoes and herbs straight from the garden, the plates at LEAF arrive on your table begging to be eaten. Leaf is unashamedly seasonal. Mangoes are not available year round and neither are the Mango desserts, but there are always plenty of delicious choices such as the Aelan Chocolate Mousse. Everyone will enjoy the succulent food made fresh to order, in a stunning location. LEAF is tucked away right on the water’s edge of Erakor Lagoon, enclosed within the lovely gardens of Poppy’s on the Lagoon Resort. The open fare enjoys great views of the lagoon and a newly built overwater pavilion can also cater for special events.

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and for special occasions including weddings. Ph: 23425.