The 2017 Annual Santo Fun Fishing Competition



This fantastic community event is on again! The fishing competition is on thanks to a few new sponsors and of course the old ones. It is going to be a fun day as per the way this competition started and still going every year!

Major Sponsors (in no specific order as all are contributing generously):

Maitai, LCM & Santo Hardware, Tackle World.

Other Sponsors:

Santo Meat Packers, Shimano – Australia, Aore Island Resort, TVL, First National,

The Espiritu, Island Life Magazine, Desmond our Entertainer, Bob Powell.

Still looking for sponsors! There may be other sponsors coming on board, so if any other business or resort wants to contribute it will be highly appreciated – please contact us as soon as possible with details.


Saturday 8th April and Sunday 9th April.


Lines in at 6am Saturday morning and you may fish overnight.

Optional weigh-in on Saturday afternoon between 3pm and 4.30pm latest.

Main weigh-in on Sunday between 12pm and closing 2pm.

Lunch served from 1pm onwards.

Prize giving after lunch and once sponsors have sorted out the winners.


10,000vt per boat irrespective of the amount of anglers on board – no cost to anglers for the event. Captains to arrange sharing costs with the anglers on board. All anglers – there will be a few cartons of ice cold Tuskers when you get back on Sunday…

To encourage our local Ni-Vanuatu boats, their entrance fee is only Vt1,000 per boat irrespective of anglers on board.

Registration Night (questions/answers and T-Shirts specially made for the event)

Thursday 6 April @ Deco Stop.

5.30pm onwards and I am sure Ben will do a Calcutta as well – Thanks Benno!

Entry per boat 10,000vt and 1,500vt per angler for Sunday lunch to be paid ASAP please.

Payment options to who?

Torq Tel Number: 7793163.

Ben Deco Stop: 36175.

Please pay/register ASAP so we can know how to cater and what to expect please – rego night will be about rules, questions etc etc… and a good time to get tips and weather updates and have a coldie at Deco!


IGFA rules apply but no line class. You can get the rules here:

Fish has to be gutted and gilled and absolutely not on the Aore Beach, so do it at sea. Note to all Captains – it is your responsibility to sell, donate to the villages or remove your fish on both days please.

Prize Categories

  • Champion Boat (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Rules for champion boat run off a points system – like all other comps: Billfish 1500 points (tagged or weighed) no points awarded for weighed billfish under 150kg – Wahoo 500 points – Mahi Mahi 500 points – Tuna small fry under 30kg worth 50 points – Tuna over 30 kg 500 points – Shortbill spearfish 1000 points – Poulet does not qualify for this category.
  • Champion Male Angler
  • Champion Female Angler
  • Biggest Poulet (no electric gear allowed – hand controlled only)
  • Champion non-powered fisherman (like a kayak or dug-out or shore)
  • Biggest Bill Fish over 150kg
  • Bill Fish – TAG and release allowed with proper measurements (if possible) and a photograph with ribbons supplied on Rego night. A kill must be over the weight of 150kg (unless accidentally snagged in gill). Note: billfish tag and release is not about size it’s about most billfish tagged. Size in this section is irrelevant
  • Heaviest Wahoo
  • Heaviest Tuna (including doggies)
  • Heaviest other species
  • Visitor prizes

Prizes will be allocated on the day for the various categories – the more prizes the better it gets, but so far so good as we are still waiting for a few that may be in or come on board! Note: IGFA registered scales will be used

blue-star-fishing-3Aore – what’s happening?

  1. Ferry Times for visitors and guests:

Depart Luganville 7:30am, 8:30am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, & 4:30pm.

Depart Aore Island Resort 8:00am, 11:00am, 1:30pm, 4:00pm, & 6:00pm.

We will organise a later ferry on the Sat 08th, departing Luganville 6:30pm & returning from Aore Island Resort at 9:00pm should anybody wish to come to the island for dinner.

There will be another one for Sunday later after the festivities back to Luganville.

Joe’s boat will also be available for desperado’s other than Aore Ferry. His telephone number is 778 9164.

  1. Food

Aore’s lovely menu on Saturday evening then the BBQ on Sunday is 1,500vt per person irrespective of angler or guest – anglers pay on rego night and guests pay on the Sunday

NOTE: visitors/guests please RSVP Aore so Lisa knows how many to cater for – we will let Lisa know how many anglers after the rego night on Thursday. Their details are:

Tel:                 36706

Mobile:           733 9908

Email:             [email protected]

  1. Live Entertainment

Desmond our local entertainer will provide great music and atmosphere plus the microphone for the prize giving on Sunday.

  1. Accommodation

Accommodation is available on both 08th & 09th – We are doing a Fishing Comp Special – Studio Bungalows @ 15,000vt/night (1 Queen bedding); 1 Bedroom Bungalows @ 20,000vt/ night (1 queen & 2 single bedding), includes tropical breakfast daily.

PLEASE book accommodation in advance or you may be sleeping on the beach, under a coconut tree or a couch at the same price – ha ha!


There will be no auction as the competition is funded by our sponsors and boats – this is a non-profit and fun event for everyone.

See you all out there for a great weekend – tight lines to all anglers and visitors are welcome as well as your support also helps!!