Asia and Pacific set for solar eclipse


solarMillions of people across Indonesia and the Pacific are about to be treated to a total solar eclipse.

Beginning late on Tuesday (GMT), the Moon will pass directly in front of the Sun, fully eclipsing the solar disk.

This will block all direct sunlight, turning day into night.

The eclipse will be total in Indonesia and the Central Pacific, while parts of Australia and east Asia will experience a partial one.

People along a 150km-wide strip running through Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi – the path of eclipse totality – will experience a blackout from about 07:00 to 11:00 local time.

Astronomers reiterated advice not to look directly at the Sun with the naked eye, or through a telescope. Experts recommend using either a professional solar filter in front of a telescope or camera, or special eclipse-viewing glasses.

The partial eclipse will commence at 23:19 GMT and the total eclipse at 00:15 GMT, with the moment of maximum shadow at 01:59 GMT.

The celestial event will end at sunset, local time, north of Hawaii (04:34 GMT). Read more.