Australian human rights lawyer welcomes Papua New Guinea support of West Papuans


3962198-3x2-940x627A prominent Australian human rights lawyer has welcomed a statement of support for West Papuans by Papua New Guinea prime minister Peter O’Neill, saying it has “been a long time coming”. Mr O’Neill said he would speak out on behalf of Melanesians in Indonesian West Papua, saying it was “time for PNG to speak about the oppression of our people there”. Jennifer Robinson, a long-time advocate for the independence movement in the Indonesian province, said Mr O’Neill’s change of heart on the human rights abuses in the province was a huge development. “This is a very big turnaround – to go from trying to shut down the raising of the West Papuan flag (in 2013) to speak openly about supporting West Papuan’s oppression and the oppression of Melanesians in West Papua,” she said. Read more.

Source: ABC news