The “PVIS Sustainability Day” is being held for the first time this Friday, 18 May at the Port Vila International School at Korman.

PVIS students from Kindergarten to Year 10 will investigate and celebrate all things sustainable and environmentally friendly on the day and engage in sustainability activities.

With single-use plastic bags being phased out in Vanuatu, PVIS students will be making a reusable shopping bag out of t-shirts to help in reducing the number of single use plastic bags being used.

PVIS Principal, Sarah Chambers said, “PVIS students want to make real practical differences for our environment. It’s small changes that add up to big results.”

A community clean-up and packaging free lunches will also happen at PVIS this Friday. The school’s sustainability partners, Azure Pure Water and K2 Kitchen are involved in the PVIS Sustainability Day.

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