GIRLS lead 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign


GIRLS-1024x680For the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign this year, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement’s chose to focus on girls and young women. The team spoke to Pacific Women about how a group of 10-12 girls used theatre arts to highlight discrimination, gender equality and bullying with schools and communities in Fiji.

It has been as exciting two-years for the 39 girls part of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement’s empowerment project – GIRLS. Grow-Inspire-Relate-Lead-Succeed is a critical part of the FWRM’s Young Women in Leadership Programme and is one of Fiji’s, if not the region’s, finest feminist-based gender equality projects for 10-12 year girls. According to FWRM’s Programme Director Tara Chetty, the movement chose to work with girls and young women because it recognizes their experiences of gender-based violence, and also their leadership in addressing these issues. “We have been inspired by the young leaders in our GIRLS theatre project who have fearlessly told their stories through the powerful medium of live theatre.” The play, titled ‘A series of unfortunate events: Fiji-style’, was performed in two communities during the 16 Days, culminating in a performance at the Civic Centre on 10 December marking World Human Rights Day. Working in partnership with the Informal Education Theatre Consultants (formerly Women’s Action for Change), FWRM’s major goals when designing this project was to create a space and curriculum that empowered girls by boosting their confidence and their ability to express themselves freely. Read more…

SOURCE: Pacific Women