Kivhan Festival milestone project 2015-16 launched


alcinasphotos_kivhan_sail_emaemaraelaunch_sdoylepicAround 20 musicians of the annual Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan festival embarked on a journey of a lifetime as they set sail for Emae island on Friday last week to witness the grand opening of their newly built multi-purpose Marae village community hall which was Kivhan’s 2015-2016 milestone project for the musicians.

Upon arrival on the island, the group which consisted of band members of Koncerners, Young Life, KRK, Smol Fyah, Genesis, Black Ghetto, and Groove Gang, representing all musicians, were warmly welcomed by the chief and people of the Marae village and later in the evening, provided entertainment on the island which was enjoyed by all.

On Saturday 22nd October, “Varea Mansariulu Ki Tisomorimata Ni Mangita Nasukuaki” community hall was officially launched by the team of Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan before handing over the key to the chief and people of Marae Village.

The Marae community hall re-building re-surfaced from the rubbles of TC Pam, after winning the bid to becoming Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan milestone project 2015-2016. The selection was made by the committee due to the community hall being a multi-purpose center which also caters as Marae village’s kindergarten and aide post center.

The chairlady of Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan, Mrs Alcina Charley remarks, “This is a proud moment for all local musicians, artists, bands and musical groups in Vanuatu, as we not only carry the voice of just performers of both 2015 and 2016 Kivhan Festivals, but we represent every other musicians as we stand up and say that we have the heart not just to make music, but we also play for a purpose that can directly impact a community that’s in need. And we achieve this only when we come together and work together”.

fa_media_maraehall_1Mrs Charley continues, “It has not been easy, we’ve faced a lot of challenges within the last 16 months before arriving at the launch, but this small committee never gave up and we continued to work hard to secure funds and materials from generous sponsorships from all our 2015 and 2016 Kivhan sponsors and partners”.

The Kivhan festival committee would like to congratulate everyone including the general public who donated for this successful milestone achievement and sincerely acknowledge the following for their sponsorship and partnership towards the completion of the Marae community hall project: the Vanuatu Government through Ministry of Climate Change, Honorable Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman, Honorable Minister Ralph Regenvanu, Honorable Minister Ham Lini Vanuaroroa, Honorable Minister Jotham Napat, National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Saralana Park – Fest’Napuan Association, BlueScope, Alliance Française, Telecom Vanuatu, Tropik Zounds Production, Further Arts Media Services, World Vision, Port Vila Hardware, Croisieres La Musique Yacht, Port Vila Chinese Club and Members, Wan Smol Bag Theatre and Youth Center, Digicel Vanuatu, Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation, Daily Post Vanuatu, Port Vila Municipality, Vanuatu Tourism Office, Vanuatu Cultural Center and National Museum, Marae Community – Emae Island & Port Vila, United National Development Programme (UNDP), Shefa Province, and all Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan committee members, artists and musicians.

Mrs Charley concludes with a smile, “Congratulations once more to all artists, sponsors, and partners for our first big achievement. By the end of the year, we should be shipping off a water tank to the southern province to close off this year’s Kivhan theme “Water for Life / Wota blong Laef / L’eau pour la Vie” and we look forward to working together again in May 2017 Kivhan festival”.