New York’s first kava bar, Kavasutra, opens in the East Village.


150716-221500-kava-7363This is your brain on kava.

Take a sip of the mind-altering beverages at Kavasutra in the East Village and you’ll get a brew made from a root with sedative and anesthetic properties to promote mind and body relaxation.

“I’m dazed, but not confused,” said Tyler Blue McPerson, 29, of East Williamsburg, who downed two cups at the city’s first kava bar. “It’s interesting to be at a bar without alcohol. With wine or beer there’s a desire for another, but with kava you’re content.”

His friend Dane Graham said his body went to a state that was “strangely mellow for New York.”

“I feel chill,” said the 29-year-old Greenpoint resident, reacting to the effect of kavalactones, the root’s active ingredients.

Kavasutra is a bar like most others in the neighborhood, a dimly lit hangout with a 10-seat counter and an after-work mix of 20-something hipsters, couples and loners. Read more.