Queensland MMM cult leader tracked down and confronted in Vanuatu


debraA Queensland cult leader accused of fraud by former senior members has reportedly fled Australia. Debra Burslem, founder of the Magnificat Meal Movement (MMM), has been confronted by A Current Affair in Vanuatu after being accused of making money from her followers and using it to fund her lavish lifestyle. The MMM was founded in 1986 by Ms Burslem out of Helidon in southeast Queensland. The cult leader claims to see and hear Jesus and the virgin Mary. Reporter Chris Allen tracked down Ms Burslem and her son at a store in Vanuatu and asked her a number questions that mostly went unanswered. Former member Clare Birchley, who was Ms Burslem’s right hand for 20 years, says during that time she never doubted the cult leader could hear God. “I believed her absolutely,” Ms Birchley told A Current Affair. Read more.


Source: 9News