Saturday 17th June – Kivhan West Tanna Water Project Kamion Push



The musicians and committee of Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan Festival has started working with 3 communities on west Tanna with logistics and planning support from the Department of Rural Water Supplies, local authorities, community leaders and members of the 3 communities of Ialwalu, Krieteniken, and Imasios Kauwud.

So far, confirmed as the major sponsor for Kivhan west Tanna project is Rotomould Vanuatu Ltd, manufacturers of large plastic water tanks under ISO and AS4766 certification. Rotomould has donated to Kivhan two 10,000L and 6,000L water tanks of a value of over 400,000vt.

Kivhan committee is now working very hard to raise funds and sponsorship to buy pipes, taps, fittings, and accessories to complete Kivhan’s west Tanna water project. This Saturday 17th June, the Kivhan kamion push fundraiser will help to raise these funds as well as awareness on projects, and Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan Festival which will take place on 14th and 15th July at Saralana stage.

“It is always good to play and sing for purely public enjoyment but it is even better when we play, sing, and make music that comes with an important mission and an important purpose. This is what we do in Kivhan Festival and will continue to do so we use our voice and musical skills to positively contribute back into our society especially helping the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in great need”, remarks chairlady of Kivhan Mrs Alcina Charley.

The organizers and musicians of this Saturday’s Kamion push would like to acknowledge the sponsorship and partnership of the following towards this event: Rotomould Vanuatu Ltd, Pacific Energy, Minister Ralph Regenvanu, Island Constructions, VBTC, TBV, Paradise FM, Capital FM107, VAN2017, Havamu Productions, Kamion push entertainers, and every residents of Port Vila. Thanking you all for the support and your donations towards a good cause.