Steep hike for Vanuatu MPs’ travel allowances


The travel or touring allowances for Vanuatu MPs have been increased by more than 91 percent this year.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported the parliamentary secretariat confirmed the new annual rate, which came into effect on the first of January.

The allowance was meant to cover travel expenses incurred by MPs when touring their constituencies.

It was increased by $US6,999.45 (Vt765,000) from $US7384 (Vt804,000) per annum per MP to $US14,711 (Vt1,605,000).

The allocation does not include Vanuatu MPs monthly income and other benefits and is also separate from a $US69 sitting allowance MPs receive when parliament is in session and for taking part in parliamentary committee meetings.

According to the Daily Post newspaper MPs are required to produce receipts and report on their touring allowance spending at the completion of each constituency tour.