Vanuatu companies want labour schemes restricted to unemployed


A parlimentary committee says companies in Vanuatu are wary about training their staff because they fear they might later resign to participate in labour mobility programmes in Australia and New Zealand.

Currently over 7,000 ni-Vanuatu are involved in New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employment or the Seasonal Workers Program in Australia.

The Economic Policy committee in Vanuatu’s parliament, which enquires into matters around the regulation of economic activities and commerce, has revealed that some companies are facing challenges because of the schemes.

MP Francois Chani said the programmes are good for Vanuatu because of the remittances they bring in but authorities must make sure they serve their purpose in providing jobs for the unemployed.

Mr Chani said a lot of people with jobs have been re-signing to participate in the programme.

He said the government must negotiate with its partners to make sure the only people who could participate in the programme are those without jobs over the past four to five years.

The committee also said the high cost of living was causing a lot of people to leave their jobs to work overseas.