Vanuatu urged to support Tahiti decolonisation


Vanuatu’s NGOs have urged the government to raise French Polynesia’s stalled decolonisation process at this year’s UN General Assembly.

Six years ago, the UN reinscribed French Polynesia as France’s second Pacific territory on its decolonisation list but Paris has refused to acknowledge it.

In a statement marking Vanuatu’s independence, the Vatu Mauri Consortium noted the ongoing refusal by the colonial power France to recognise Tahiti’s inclusion in the list.

It also says it deplores the statements by the Pacific Islands Forum on human rights violations in West Papua and the call for a constructive dialogue with the colonial powers, notably Indonesia.

It says it notes the positive result in New Caledonia where voters last year rejected independence from France but get to go to the polls again next year.

The statement also quotes the late Father Walter Lini who said Vanuatu will not be free until Melanesians are all free.