Vanuatu Yacht Club Races


Port Vila – Hat Island – Port Vila race and Full Moon Sail, Vanuatu Yacht Club, Efate.

On August 15th, the yacht club will hold its annual Port Vila- Hat Island- Port Vila race. Part of the offshore race series, with time deductions for any fish caught during the race, the race has been popular with visiting yachts in the past. Yachts leave Port Vila with the starting line at the outer Iririki channel markers, continue towards Devils Point and around Hat Island before returning to Port Vila. On August 23rd, the club will hold their full moon sail. A social event aimed at attracting all members of the public, visiting yachts and tourists are welcomed to come and enjoy the waters of Vanuatu. The sailing commences an hour before sunset with all boats racing towards the direction of the setting sun. Upon the sun disappearing over the horizon all yachts turn around and race back towards Port Vila with all the fleet crossing the line at the same time. With a new growing number of yachts available for charter in Port Vila, the event is available to all and a great way to get out on the water. For more information visit their site or pop in to the Yacht club located at the Anchor Inn.