PACIFIKMELTINGPOT, Tjibaou Cultural Centre

@Joao Garcia
@Joao Garcia

A song dance music project, PACIFIKMELTINGPOT has come together gradually since 2010, finding its way between unlikely yet regular encounters in France, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Japan. It was born out of the desire shared by a handful of artists to work informally and openly, faced with the challenges of time and distance. In dance, everything is transmitted orally, like the ancient cultures of Maori, Samoa, Cook Islands, Kanak and Japan. Knowledge transmission uses the spoken word, but also and equally the impact of touch, memories of places, the practice of certain rites, and the power of the imagination. The project, choreographed by Régine Chopinet, is multilingual and is described as ‘a happy mess, a joyful meeting of people who don’t care about being mixed, multi, trans, inter or whatever…’ The project will meet in Lifou, New Caledonia, for a one-week residency with the Wetr Kanak group from 17th to 22nd October followed by three shows at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Noumea on the 28th, 29th and 30th of October.

PACIFIKMELTINGPOT, Tjibaou Cultural Centre, Noumea, 28th to 30th October.