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Putting your head underwater at Hat Island and Paul’s Rock is definitely a breath-taking experience.   But with a mask and snorkel on, or scuba gear in place, you are entering an exhilarating world. Sailaway Cruises have been operating in this beautiful wilderness area for over 30 years and welcome you into their ‘office’ with open arms. The full-day cruise from Havannah, aboard their 42 ft trimaran Golden Wing, will sail you away to legendary dive & snorkel sites at Hat Island, Survivor Beach and Paul’s Rock seamount. Hat Island, an old volcano that drops into the depths for 500 metres, is a feast of gorgonia fans and soft corals. At Survivor Beach, you will go to shore where you can put yourself in the picture and snorkel in the magnificent bay. Paul’s Rock is a 50 metre long reef with several tunnels lined with soft corals and fans. At only 2 metres deep on the top and dropping away to 30 metres and beyond, you can go as shallow or as deep as your abilities take you!   Although the itinerary might change due to weather conditions, Sailaway’s priority is to visit the top snorkel/dive sites. Bring your non-diving partner or kids to swim in your bubbles! PH: 23802 Mob: 7723802 email: [email protected] web:

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