Air Vanuatu eyes fleet expansion


The Embraer E-190 is one of the current aircraft options being considered by Air Vanuatu as the potential new additions to its current fleet.

“We have secured two Embraers E190 for discussion’s agreement,” Air Vanuatu Chairman of the Board of Directors, Joel Lengsau said.

“We hope to have an agreement rather quickly to start their operation in June next year.”

Chairman Lengsau revealed this in his remarks during the Embraer E190-E2 visit at the Bauerfield International Airport on Tuesday.

He welcomed the Embraer team, headed by Cesar Pereira, Vice President Asia Pacific for Embraer Commercial Aviation for bringing the Embraer E190-E2 next generation aircraft to Vanuatu’s shores and giving all invited guests a glimpse and first-hand experience of the Air Vanuatu future.

“The Embraer E-190 is one of the current aircraft options being considered by Air Vanuatu at this time as potentially the new addition to the current fleet, and we are privileged to experience the next generation aircraft,” he said.

The chairman said while Air Vanuatu is anticipating changes and breaking new grounds, it faces intense competition today.

“Many other regional airlines are investing in their fleet to grow their market and by doing so, they are narrowing the gap between various South Pacific destinations,” he said.

“Air Vanuatu cannot afford to stand still.

“Staying abreast and indeed ahead of competition requires both a bold vision to improve our new and existing products and services, whilst controlling costs and deepening customer loyalty.”

New markets reach is part of the new strategy, he said.

This includes establishing new ports/cities in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific region, Asia and North America.

“We need the right equipment and agreement in place to execute our global strategy,” chairman Lengsau added.

“Air Vanuatu must also strengthen its relations with various local and international stakeholders.

“As much as Destination Vanuatu, the key to success of Air Vanuatu is its people.

“For Air Vanuatu staff to work as a strong cohesive team, confidence and trust between management, stakeholders and the Government is critical.

“As one rightly said in the past, aviation is everyone’s business as much as tourism is everyone’s business.

“It is the core industry of our economic empowerment and the vital pool of business opportunities.”

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, several Ministers and VIP guests were taken on a tour of the impressive Brazilian aircraft.