The Lava Lounge: Port Vila’s exciting new addition.


After many years of both locals and tourists alike stating the need for a dedicated lounge bar in Port Vila, it has finally become a reality.

Located right on the water in the heart of Port Vila, the Lava Lounge is Vanuatu’s first upmarket lounge bar. Positioning itself as Vanuatu’s living room, it is the place to meet up in style, or just chill out. From the décor, to the lighting, music and food, the guys behind it have really done a great job creating just what was missing in this lovely Harbour town. With no dining tables or chairs to be seen, the Lava Lounge is clearly putting the emphasis on ‘Lounge’, with low slung comfortable couches, ottomans and coffee tables wall to wall, both inside and out.

During the day, this is the place to meet up with friends over a coffee or sit in peaceful solitude on your laptop with Port Vila’s stunning bay as your backdrop. Later, as the sun sets over the water and the moody ambient lighting comes up, have a cocktail or three. The wine and cocktail bar and delectable tapas menu take center stage, with a tantalizing selection of bite size tapas and tasty dishes with Mediterranean influences.

No lounge would be complete without a great selection of music to kick back and relax to whilst enjoying good company and great conversation. Modern and old school jazz, soothing Ministry of Sound chill out and Buddha Bar, injections of funky fusions, Latin ambient and others, will transport you into that perfect carefree world, and all without having to raise your voice over it.

Whether you are looking for a place to meet up and chat the hours away with friends, or just a haven to get away from it all, the Lava Lounge is your spot. Phone 26671