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The Summit Vanuatu new all-natural range of beauty products.

General manager at The Summit, Ben Brookman, and his team, have been working hard over the past six months to bring to the world their new range of all-natural beauty and health products. The range is now available featuring balms, moisturizers and body butters for him and for her. Made entirely with natural Vanuatu ingredients, it features nangai oil, sandalwood water, cacao and coconut oil as the base for their new products. “Our new Canarium Nut balm is a rich emollient created using an emulsion of Canarium Nut oil, known in Vanuatu as ‘Nangai nut’ and sandalwood hydroxol, which is the water collected during the sandalwood oil distilling process, to produce a rich, healing balm. Different essential oils such as Lime and Vanilla or Cardamon and Mandarin are added to give specific properties as well as a distinctive fragrance to our products,” explained Brookman. The body butters are made with cacao paste, nangai nut oil and different essential oils to create a rich and voluptuous cream while the moisturizer range uses extra-virgin coconut oil and pure essential oils for a light face and body moisturizer. A specially designed range for men, the Summit Men Shock Absorber, ensures that no one gets left out. “All ingredients are sourced locally; the cacao butter and nangai nut come from Malekula while sandalwood and other essentials oils are grown here at The Summit farm,” Ben explained. A very exciting development that helps local growers while creating a unique and natural beauty range made right here in Vanuatu! You can find the products online and at the Café and Gift Shop located at The Summit in Mele Bay. While you are there, don’t forget to visit the distillery and micro-factory where you can see how these fabulous products are made and also have a tour of The Summit Gardens, the largest tropical gardens in the South Pacific and absolutely glorious! Visit, [email protected], ph: 5660 713.



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