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Since the beginning of its activities Venui Vanilla has been focussing on quality. Almost two decades of dedicated research in growing and processing techniques, supported by the experience and expertise of Piero Bianchessi, who has an educational background in chemistry, have resulted in the development of superior quality and outstanding goods that sell all over the world in premium and specialised markets. Organic-certified since 1997, Venui Vanilla has taken the ‘organic’ concept far beyond the use of natural inputs, encompassing aspects such as the biology of the plant and its climatic and pedological requirements. Assisted by Venui Vanilla, spice producers are driven towards a total quality approach in order to retain their organic certification. In return, Venui Vanilla grants its suppliers competitive, fair prices, alongside continuous training and support, making this an inspirational, sustainable and rewarding undertaking for all stakeholders.

Organic Certification

Venui Vanilla, a member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), has been yearly certified since 1997. In 2013 it certified with BioGro, an IFOAM accredited certification body from New Zealand.
The certification covers not only Venui Vanilla farm but also its processing plant and includes about 200 farmers associated with FSA (*). FSA supplies its members with up-to-date technical information and training material, besides providing field coaching, plus theoretical and practical training through the use of pilot plots and the active participation of selected leading farmers. FSA also provides a quality control function on behalf of the Certifying Agency, by regularly inspecting and training hundreds of farmers throughout the country’s islands.

The spices of Venui Vanilla are grown at Venui plantation and by farmers all over Vanuatu, and then processed, finished and packaged at Venui Processing Plant. Venui Plantation, South Santo, Luganville, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. Ph: +678 7743639, +678 5536754. Email: [email protected]. Web:


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