Great Places to Eat: Two Canoes, Aore, Espiritu Santo


Located on spectacular Aore Island, just an easy 10 minute boat ride from Espiritu Santo’s main town, Two Canoes is more than a restaurant, it is a fabulous day experiencing all that a beautiful tropical island has to offer. Right on the beach, the restaurant has been built ‘island-style’; an open bure sitting meters away from the water, protected by its high natangora roof and graced with a stylish bar. The menu is simple and fresh, with daily specials showcasing what is on season. Try the fish, whether deep-fried, pan-fried, curry or sashimi, it was caught by local fishermen and delivered perhaps only a few hours before. If fish is not your thing, don’t worry; there are plenty of other choices including the famous Santo Eye Fillet. The beach and the water at Two Canoes are truly spectacular and the snorkeling is outstanding. The wide bay is protected from the swell, azure and clear water lapping on the shore, its sandy bottom doted with huge coral bummies. This is a place where you want to come at least for a day; snorkel, kayak and enjoy the beach before and after lunch. If you want to stay longer, Two Canoes has lovely Deluxe Beachfront Plantation Studios, so you can turn a day into a holiday. Contact them to arrange pick up from the main land., email [email protected] or call the manager directly on 7357836.

The ‘Cool’ factor: The tropical, toes on the sand, style of the restaurant.

Signature dish: Lobster Mornay.

Great for: A great day on the beach.

So very special: The picture postcard location.