Digicel, Vanuatu


Digicel is the leading telecommunications provider in Vanuatu which helps you to stay connected all around Vanuatu and with the rest of the world. As the leader in telecommunications in Vanuatu, we care about your needs and offer you the latest Smartphones, tablets and a wide range of great value offers for calling, texting and mobile.

Need internet on the go on your Smartphone? Digicel offers the best value for money in Vanuatu with 30MB for only 50VT! And, the Facebook addicts will love our Free Facebook bundles starting only at 150VT for 50MB with Free Facebook.

And Digicel does more than mobile services! Digicel’s expertise also extends to business solutions and residential internet services. To find out more, call Digicel free on 123 or visit a Digicel store today!

Digicel Store, Port-Vila
Digicel Store, Luganville

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