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vanuatu gift pack The idea behind Organic Paradise was to provide an outlet for local producers to reach customers in one place. Rather than trying to source locally made products from different locations, Organic Paradise provides a space where customers can find a great selection of what Vanuatu has to offer in a conveniently located speciality grocery store.

Every household can stock up on a wide range of items. There is coconut oil for cooking or if you’d rather, you can use it as an alternative hair and beauty product. Since coconut oil is a multi-purpose product, you will never run out of uses for it!

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Looking for essential basics for your pantry? Black, white and green pepper is available as are chilli and turmeric. Have you ever tried nangae nuts, which are the traditional nuts of Vanuatu? They taste similar to a cross of macadamias and almonds and add a unique flavour and texture to dishes.

If you love to bake, add some delicious cocoa nibs in your cookies or perhaps as a cheeky treat to mix with your healthy smoothie. Wake up to locally made coffee and choose from a variety of local condiments, including organic peanut butter, to spread on your toast. What better way to start the day?

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Living in a tropical paradise such as Vanuatu does expose you to scratches and abrasions. Use tamanu oil as natural way to treat sores or just lather it on after showering. Tamanu oil is renowned for its healing properties and nangae oil is also available which is a perfect remedy for sore muscles. If you’re looking for soap, there is coconut oil soap that comes in a range of scents including sandalwood. For family pets, sneak a tablespoon of noni juice into their meal so they can keep healthy and be free of signs arthritis.

Organic Paradise’s range of 100% local Vanuatu products has expanded, thanks to their ever emerging producers including Tanna Farms (peanut butter, coconut oil, soap and lip balms), Aelan chocolate, Aore Island Coffee, Reflections Resistance Remedy and shortly they will be stocking a new local range of aromatherapy oils … local producers keep seeking us out with new offerings!Activ vanuatuOrganic Paradise is also very pleased to hear locals telling them that they love stocking up on the products as well as giving them as gifts to visitors before they go abroad.

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Organic Paradise’s tailored gift service is growing with local clubs, associations, government departments and private enterprises asking them to put together packs for events. It’s a great way to say welcome, thank you, look at what Vanuatu can produce! Check out their shop right next to Chantillys to see what Vanuatu is made of.

For more information, call+6785554539 or visit their Facebook page.